Proudly Serving Bradford, ON


Vehicle Inspections in Bradford, ON

In Bradford, ON, people turn to Pro Oil Change for regular vehicle inspections. We’ll look at fluid levels and other components so that you can make adjustments and minor repairs before they turn into major problems.

We’re committed to customer satisfaction, so we offer fast and convenient work with no appointment required. We also have fair pricing that you’ll appreciate. You can even enjoy free beverages while you're waiting. Our vehicle inspection will cover:

  • Checking lights, including the condition of the headlights
  • Checking and topping up window washer fluid
  • Checking the engine and cabin air filters
  • Engine and cabin inspections when applicable
  • Checking the serpentine belt for excessive wearing
  • Inspecting PCV valves
  • Checking wiper blades for wear and tear
  • Checking service records against manufacturer and industry recommendations
  • Evaluating transmission fluid levels
  • Checking power steering fluid
  • Checking the engine coolant and antifreeze
  • Drive line fluid inspections
  • Checking tire pressure, wear, and damage levels
  • Evaluating batteries
  • Checking for oil and fluid leaks
  • Fuel system cleaning recommendations
  • Inspecting the condition of undercoating

We’re open seven days a week, and we stand behind our work with a warranty. You can have our reliable vehicle inspection done with every oil change, so call Pro Oil Change today or visit our Bradford store and let us give your car the attention it deserves.